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nattering about fatigue
mirror girl  Rockwell
I an still taking daily naps.  I know this is nothing to complain about, and having the opportunity to do this is awesome.  I'm just a little concerned about what this could mean.

This could still be recovering from surgery, the second one was only seven days ago.  But it could also be my thyroid hormone levels already sliding out of whack, which would mean this is a preview of the best energy levels I'll have until late July - early August.  <sigh> 

I took off the extra tape that J and I had added to my neck right after coming home, the areas that were covered are still a really dark red.  I see the surgeon next week on Tuesday, it'll be interesting to see what my neck looks like without tape, it's been a while.

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(Deleted comment)
Maybe that is what is up with the crazy dreams I have been having. I was just attributing it to getting so much sleep that I was spending more time in REM, but they have been numerous and wacky this week.

I've warned my boyfriend that apparently he will know my pill schedule as well as I do. He looked a little nervous about that - heh.

my mate also swears i become a moodswinging bitchy fiend if i miss a single pill....but for 'i'd rather starve than get out of this bed' i usually have to miss a week. don't knock the nappage, it's probably a little of each.

I wonder how quickly it will be noticeable for me, I've given J a heads up already that he might notice before I do. It just makes purposely going off the pills a little more exciting for all of us I guess.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! Yeah I think I just need to stop feeling guilty about the naps. I've managed to not nap this weekend, and I think it was mostly just having stuff to do that kept me awake. So I'm less freaked about it now.

hope you keep getting better and you and the household liked the soup!

I think you bounced back from the friday because you are in good shape and take care of yourself. Two fridays in a row, with the accompanying stress, is a lot!

You'll ramp up to good energy levels, soon.

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