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I am going back to work today - kinda.  This is my week at Klutz.  I'll be out in the warehouse shipping, and it shouldn't be more than five hours a day.  It will be interesting today to see all these people I know, who have no idea about the surgeries.  With the tape still on it's obvious that something happened.  I'll be curious to see how many people ask about it.

Speaking of seeing people who don't know about the surgeries, this evening is the TW crew appreciation BBQ.  At the end of every season TW invites everyone who crewed for us during the past year to come and enjoy food and games.  (Rumor has it there will be a bounce house.)  There are silly quizes about last year's shows and a raffle.  It's a lot of fun, a chance for everyone to hang out and be social, and a chance for crew to express interest in shows for next season - making the job of hiring them just a little bit easier.  It's always been a bit odd because it's a fun bbq event that I am essentially required to attend for work, but as long as I don't get stuck in a corner chatting to K it's not so bad.

So i guess today I will step out of the little bubble i have been in and get a lot of practice at answering "what happened?" and will have to decide how much, or how little, to share with folks.  Really once one person on the crew knows the whole story, most of them will.  Klutz is a bit more cliquey but again the story will spread. 

I have no idea what I'm going to say.

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Good luck stepping out of your bubble. I would have no idea what to say either.

Are you healed enough to play in a bouncy house? Here I'm assuming everyone would want to.

I think I may skip the bouncy house, which is a bummer. I am a little worried about stressing out my neck muscles, but more worried about other people bouncing into me. I guess I'll just watch the bouncy people.

If you're finding it hard to talk about (especially over and over in person) you could come up with a silly witty response and let them just deal with that ;)

When J is around we've been creating elaborate stories but I'm not as good at that on my own. Maybe my thyroid didn't match so I had to get rid of it for fashion?

I'm sure you'll be fine. I think the more you talk the more comfortable you're going to feel. Either way, yay for the crew party and I'll see you tonight!

Have a fun time!

Be comfortable, be you and don't worry about what anyone thinks! They're busy worrying about what everyone thinks of them, too!

You know, it is always true that everyone is more wrapped up in their own heads than paying attention, yet it is something I never remember. Thanks for the reminder.

my friend who had his thyroid removed told everyone he was in a fight in a bar and a guy pulled a knife on him... it sounds better when he tells it and probably works better coming from a dude :)

I like bubbles, but they're definitely hard to step out of.

Ooh I like bar fight, though friends might not believe that. Maybe I got into a fight at a knitting store and someone pulled their needles on me?

Klutz has not been at all stressful, we'll see how the party goes.

You want me to get a rumormill-- I mean, phone tree or something started? I kinda got peer pressured into putting in an appearance at the party tonight, so anything I can do to help... Like pointing in another direction and screaming, "Dear god, what is that thing!?" anytime someone notices your neck.

Or we could just make out in the corner. That'll distract them.

Edited at 2009-06-15 09:46 pm (UTC)

Heh, I like the making out option. I'm glad to get a chance to see you, even if you don't sound thrilled about attending.

Yay for the party! Your wound is super impressive, by the way.

And, hey, sorry the big c word slipped out when I was saying bye and D was standing right there. I can only hope she didn't catch it because she was too busy planning what her next rambling monologue would be. Ack. :\

Don't worry about it, it's not exactly a secret. And yeah, she wasn't paying attention at all as far as I could tell.

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