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moving update

Things to do with the move were on hold for a while but have finally started up again.  Whee! 

Last weekend J came to my place and we filled his truck with furniture and boxes to take to the storage unit.  Finally, my bedroomis empty enough to look like I might be moving out of it.  He also took care of getting the last of the furniture left on the balcony by my ex into the dumpster.  Best moment - there was a gallon of water that had been sitting on the porch for years.  He went to pick it up (I'm guessing to to bring it inside and pour it down the sink) and it shattered.  There were little pieces of plastic and water all over.  I giggled for a long time, he was just so shocked when it happened.  Behold the power of weather to weaken plastics!

This move is happening in stages.
Step A:  Get out of my place (officially by June 30, but my roommate is taking over the lease solo and seems to be not so concerned).  Things move to either the storage unit or J's.
Step B:  Find a new place to live!
Step C: Move our stuff out of J's current place and empty the storage unit into new apartment. (J's lease is up July 31).

The big push to complete step A is this weekend.  I am staying there for the next two nights to finish packing up my bedroom, the kitchen, and any other random stuff around.  J and a few friends are coming over Saturday at 12:30, my goal is to have everything boxed/piled by then so I can simply point and say "all of this stuff goes" and then let the men move the heavy stuff - heh.  I am saving a few tasks for next week like the final goodwill run and cleaning.  (With the roomie  staying on I don't have to uber-clean because no one official is going to do a walk through, but I feel like I owe him clean common areas at least.  Especially since he'll be paying me back some of the deposit.)

Hopefully by mid-next week I will be out of my current place and I suppose officially living with J, since I'll have nowhere else to be.  I like that idea.  Then the apartment hunt can begin.
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