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Not a student

Remember the plan I had to take a class at a local community college this summer?  I'm not sure if I ever bragged here or not when I got accepted as a student for the summer session; I was all excited.  Well, then medical stuff happened and I had put off actually registering for my class since I wasn't sure what was going to be happening.  Earlier this week I finally went and figured out their online registering system only to discover that the class I had wanted to take was full.  And the waiting list was full.  No college for me this summer.

I could, I suppose take another class but summer offerings are slim and there wasn't anything else I was that excited about.  And I think this may be for the best.  Between the moving and the thyroid levels going wonky July is already going to be busy, and not having to pay for fees, books, and parking will probably be a good thing.  It also means I can stay active at the temp agency and see if they can find me anything.  I do kind of like temping, it's always fun to try different jobs.

So this means I can't claim to be a college student now.  But I'll have to look at their fall catalog to see if there's anything I can take that fits my schedule then.
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