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note to self
freaking beaker out
1) You have somewhere in the neighborhood of nine boxes of books in storage, along with that many (short) boxes of comics.
2) J has at least that many books in storage, if not a few more.
3) J also still has part of a bookshelf of unpacked books at the apartment.
4) There are still at least a dozen books in my to read pile that aren't in storage or on J's shelf.
5) Anything you buy that isn't completely consumable is going to have to be moved sometime in the next month.
6) Books are heavy.

You do NOT need to buy any more books right now.  You will not run out of things to read in the next three weeks.

Once the move is completed you are allowed to back to the bookstore. 

(After the surgery I figured I'd do a little extra reading, get ahead on my netflix viewing, and maybe get some knitting done.  Instead I have just been reading lots and lots.  Not that this is a bad thing, but a netflix addiction wouldn't require another box to move.)

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You always need more books!!!!

Every year or so, we try to purge the books. (We have to do it repeatedly because there are books that you think, "I may get rid of that, but I want to read it again first!" Every year, there are more that can go. Although there are plenty that never will.) We have donated so many books to the library- and yet we still have so many!

Book purge is definitely an annual thing - some things become less precious over time and something I would never have given away a few years ago is easily tossed now.

The interesting thing will be that J and I are combining our books - so there are things he may be willing to get rid of that I want to read and vice versa. Hopefully though, going through each other's books will keep us from buying new books for a while.

geekjul has been selling books on some website. You might want to ask her.

I should check. Currently I've been bringing books I don't want to the local used bookstore. They give you store credit for more books, which is cool, though possibly not helping my case.

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