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photographic proof and update
mirror girl  Rockwell

This first photo was taken the day after the second surgery. The tape the second time was spread out a bit more, which was good in that it all was touching skin and therefore stayed on better. But it also left more gaps along the incision for scabbing.


Here is what it looked like two weeks later (this past Saturday) right after I took the tape off.

And here I am last Saturday.

This picture makes me feel a lot better. I am mostly seeing the scar in the mirror in the bathroom, so I'm in intense light and looking closely. It's nice to know that in sunlight and from a bit of a distance it doesn't actually look as scary as it does in my brain.

Otherwise I seem to be mostly back to normal, though I still get tired a bit more easily.

I have lost some sensation in the area just above the incision - I can't tell if that's still just swollen and it will come back or not. But when I was trying to get the sticky goo from the tape edges off with my fingernail it felt like ordinary scratching below the scar, and like I was scratching through several layers of padding on top.

The only other lingering thing from the surgery is some pain on the back of my left hand where the second IV was. It's located where the tip of the needle would have been, not the insertion site. It's not bruised but it is raised up right there, and it hurts to the touch. My veins are small and often hard to find, so I'm guessing that area just got stressed out, but if this doesn't go away by the end of the week I'll call the nurse at my surgeon's office just to check.

I am in MV at the moment, and have just finished cleaning as much as I'm going to clean in the old apartment. Now I just have to come back with a screw gun and spackle later this week and I'll be done. It's minorly depressing that the place was rarely this clean while I lived here, but that's okay.

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Your scar looks fantastic for only 2 weeks! You heal well :) :)

Your hand maybe hurting from the needle, but if they gave you toradol, that crap burns and aches afterwards, so it may also just been lingering reaction to the medication. It sounds like a good plan to ask about it if it's still hurting at the end of the week as that should go away in a few days.

Heh, I'm sure your ex-roomie appreciates that it's clean, but if your place was completely ship-shape and tidy all the time, you're either really OCD or have way too much time on your hands ;)

I glance at that photo about once a day to reassure myself, because it looks so much bigger/redder to me. But I suppose that's bound to happen.

I didn't think about what they may have given me through the IV so that makes sense. At least it doesn't stop me typing.

It's also much easier to clean when it's empty. Maybe I should give all my furniture away...

rah rah! yay rebecca!! that looks really good, i hope you keep healing so well!

Thanks. It still freaks me out, but I know it's better than I think.

The scar is not very noticable, so eventually, you'll have to really look for it.

Hopefully, your cleaning karma will result in a new apartment that is equally clean to start with.

Cleaning karma would be a good thing. I'm starting the apartment hunt in earnest today, we'll see if it worked.

I still don't have 100% sensation around the scar area. It's difficult to say if it will ever return -- even the doctors don't know. But your scar certainly looks a hell of a lot better than mine did at two weeks!

Yeah I was kind of figuring the loss of sensation may just be reality from now on. It's not in a location where it will affect much, it's just odd. And thanks, while I'm sorry yours didn't look like this at two weeks that is reassuring, especially since he had to cut in twice.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. I have to keep reminding myself exactly what you said, that most people don't see it from 6" away in harsh light. Now I have to figure out how to care for it to make it look even better.

I have posted one photo of the tattoo here
I keep meaning to get the rest of them off my camera and up online but it hasn't happened.

That scar is not at all scary- you're healing really fast! In a few months you'll have to look to find it.

I'm glad your move is going so smoothly too! :)

Thanks! I think it was scarier (to others) when the tape was still there to call attention to it.

you look great! i had a friend who had the same surgery done and she didn't look nearly that good, not even several years down the line. i imagine it helps that you were in pretty good physical condition (otherwise) before the surgery.

good luck with the cleaning. sending you big hugs. keep up the good healing!!

Thanks! I don't wish ugly scars on anyone, but that is reassuring to hear. I don't know if being in good shape helps the scar at all, but I definitely think it's part of the reason I recovered in general as well as I did.

Next step at the old apartment, removing nails and screws and spackling. Whoo!

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