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Running down the road
I went for a run today.

The last time I went running was May 26, two days before my first surgery.  That morning I ran 8 miles at a decent training pace (around 11 minutes/mile) and was thinking that I'd be back out in eight days, two weeks at the most.  Yeah, that didn't happen.

So here it is, a month later.  I was astonished at how many things I had forgotten in a month: the way my little toes go numb half a mile into any run, and then are fine a few blocks later, the way the running shoes feel on my feet, nodding at the regulars I see on my path most days.  Today I ran two miles.  And it was hard and I was slow.  But I ran.

I will no longer be doing the SF half-marathon.  It's July 25 and not only do I not have time to train for it safely anymore, but I will likely be radioactive that weekend.  I don't think I can ask everyone else in the race to maintain a ten foot distance from me at all times, nor will I have the energy to go that far, even if I could train.  That means my next race is at the end of October.  I figured out the training plan earlier this week and was thinking I have plenty of time.  After this morning, I'm a little less confident.

They say (whoever they are) that there is a two week grace period before your body starts losing conditioning if you stop running.  And that it takes doing something regularly for three weeks to make it a habit. 

So now I have to fight a little, to get my conditioning back, to get back into the habit of running, to get past the place where two miles hurts and back to the spot where it's easy. 

But I guess I am still a runner.  And so, I start again.

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(Deleted comment)
Eight or nine minute miles has never been within my realm either. Thanks for the giggle and the reminder that this is different for everyone.

(Deleted comment)
I just keep trying to remind myself that the 2 miles I ran yesterday was 2 more than most people did. I like the idea of having my own mini race the day I was supposed to do SF.

You can do it. It's not about breaking PRs, it's about doing the best you can for where you are right now. And it does get better. And worse, but then it gets better again. You know the drill. Don't let one hard workout get you down.

Yeah I know. I was just so excited to get out running again, finally, and was a little shocked that it was that hard (and that I am so sore today). But I'll keep moving.

*wave pom-poms* two miles more than you did yesterday! woohoo!
keep up the positive flow! *flutter pom-poms*
yeah i was never on the spirit squad.

Thank you. You may not have been in the spirit squad but the idea that 2 miles is 2 miles more than I'd done in a month is a good one, it put a smile on my face.

I find getting back out there to make it work is so hard, maybe because running is so hard when you're not in running shape. Good luck! But it feels amazing when you hit your stride for the first time in awhile. Just keep looking for that. :)

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