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books read
It has been a month since I went in for surgery.  During my recovery time I assumed that I would read a little, watch some movies and tv, maybe knit.  Instead I mostly just read.  The following is my list of things to read when in recovery:
  1. The Winter Room    by Gary Paulsen
  2. A Tan and Sandy Silence   by John McDonald
  3. The Mysterious Benedict Society   by Trenton Lee Stewart
  4. The Friday Night Knitting Club   by Kate Jacobs
  5. Promethia (vol 1)   by Alan Moore
  6. Tam Lin  by Pamela Dean
  7. The Scarlet Ruse   by John McDonald
  8. The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey   by Trenton Lee Stewart
  9. Dragons Wild   by Robert Aspirin
  10. Dragons Luck   by Robert Aspirin
  11. Dealing With Dragons   by Patricia Wrede
  12. Sunshine   by Robin McKinley
  13. House of Mystery (vol 2)   by various
  14. The Ruby in the Smoke   by Phillip Pullman
  15. The Shadow in the North   by Phillip Pullman
I've had a really good run of interesting and amusing books.  Some were from series I already know I liked (McDonald's McGee mysteries) some are the start of new series for me to read (Dealing with Dragons) but all of them held my attention.  I've just started the third of Pullman's Sally Lockhart books, and on deck after that is a book from my brother by Lee Child called 'Killing Floor'.  I don't think I'll be able to maintain this reading pace for much longer, and certainly not without finding the closest library to where I will be living.  But it's been good to simply dive into books for a month.
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DUDE. Tam Lin is my absolute favorite book of all time. I adore Pamela Dean.

I can't believe I had never read Tam Lin before. I was a college Lit/Theatre major, it just fit in my head immediately. I greatly enjoyed it and plan on reading it again in six months or so.

I read THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY for a book club at the middle school where I teach. I thought it was fun, but maybe not worth the sequel... but if you read it, the sequel must be worthwhile?

Well if you enjoyed the first one the second is mostly more of the same. The kids are growing up a little and that is dealt with, which is nice. The mysteries are twisty again, and again not something you can really solve with what he gives you. But it was a fun, quick read.

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