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moving on up
We have a place to live!

J and I heard back from our first choice place today and we're in!  We found a two bed, two bath place in an eight unit complex.  It's upstairs and in the back, so it gets a little less natural light, but also a little less noise.  They are going to deep clean the carpet now that the showing is done, so we should be able to take possession on Sunday or Monday.  We're aiming to do the big move the 11-12th, but as soon as we get the keys we plan to move a truckful of boxes or so a day, and some of it (bathrooms and kitchen mostly) I can start unpacking immediately.

I am grateful that all the legwork I did paid off.  I spent a day looking through the previous week's worth of craigslist, and then an afternoon driving by my top 20 choices, which eliminated a few of them right away, and allowed me to narrow things down further.  We saw six places on Saturday, applied to two on Sunday and whamo.  I am grateful that we're doing this in a renter's market, it certainly makes things easier for us.

I'm also grateful that the place isn't available immediately - I feel like I've been moving for months now so I'm looking forward to having some quiet time for myself this week before the moving starts again.

Oh and on Monday I sat with M the previous roommate and we agreed to a final payout for the few items he is now in possession of and the deposit.  We also transferred all the bills to his name so I am officially, completely done with the MV apartment.

Progress is a wonderful thing.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks - I am all excited too. It will be fun to have our own place.

Oh, that is great news! Wow- two bedrooms and two baths? That is much bigger than any of the apartments we lived in! (And yay for a place big enough for a little personal space when you need it.)


Thanks! Yeah, we decided to spring for the extra expense of two bedrooms early on - we both decided that the space would be good for our sanity. The two baths were a bonus, finding that in our price range was a bit of a surprise.

YAY, that sounds fantastic.

Thanks - I'm very excited!

Are their good places to run from your new neighbourhood?

Discovering the new to me places is one of the things I like most about moving, once everything is settled. This time I moved back to a neighbourhood I had left, so I didn't get that.

I'm going to have to explore the running. It's a very residential neighborhood so that will be nice, and there are a few small parks around. I'll have to start mapping out different distances.

We're not going too far from where J is now, so he mostly knows the area already. I don't as well, so I am getting to figure out which grocery store is closer, etc. That part is fun.

You certainly have been a busy little beaver since the last time I checked LJ! Glad to hear that you are doing well. Congrats on the new place - moving into a place you're excited about is just the best thing ever. And a 2BR place that you're excited about is even better than that! (Oh, how I miss my second bedroom from two apartments ago... sob!) Anyway, yay!

Yeah, it's been one hell of a month. J and I decided early on that it was worth the money for a two-bedroom place, that way we each have a place to retreat to should we need it. Thanks for checking in!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! It's also a little bit daunting. I'm going to be doing a lot of the early unpacking and I have more stuff than J, so I have to keep reminding myself that I don't get to make all the decisions. Or maybe I will and he can move things later.

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