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1.)  J and I took possession of the new place yesterday.  We celebrated by immediately moving two truckfuls of stuff in.  Whee!

2.)  I ended up with 24 out of 30 for the month of June.  It was an interesting thing to do, and I certainly posted more in June than I have in a very long time.  I have discovered that I appear to have an aversion to posting on Thursdays, no idea why.  I didn't read as much other people's stuff as I'd like (from the game, I kept up with my flist), and I'm not sure I made posts that were interesting to someone just dropping by, I simply journalled more. 

3.)  Thursday night we went over to ladywithawrench 's place to drink and hang out.  It was a lot of fun, but I don't usually drink whiskey all night.  Yesterday I was a little fuzzy.

4.)  So of course today there is a BBQ with more alcohol, woo-hoo!  I have to get started on the deviled eggs I'm bringing to pass shortly.  At this party at least, it's one of the few dishes you can bring that as far as I can tell guarantees you won't have leftovers to bring home.

5.)  I bought a wide brimmed floppy hat for today - to help keep the scar shaded whatever else is going on.  I will also be applying lots of sunscreen.

6.)  I think the group plan movie for tonight is to go and see 'Transformers' but J has already seen it and I'm not so excited about it.  We're thinking of going to 'The Hangover' instead.

Happy 4th of July to everyone celebrating! 

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Yay on the new place! :)

Seriously go see The Hangover. It's hyserical! We laughed so hard. I can't speak for Transformers, but I definitely rec Hangover.

We did in fact see The Hangover. I was expecting it to be amusing, but you were right a few times I missed several lines laughing so hard. Thanks for the rec!

sorry I will miss your awesome deviled eggs.


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