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things and annoyances
hit you
-  Nothing in this house (current location) is flat!  Or more accurately no surface upon which to sit or lie down is flat, except the floor.  The couch and love seat both bow down in the middle as does the bed (kind of like a taco).  Even J's desk chair has a lean to one side.  My lower back has been unhappy lately and I think this is part of it, usually I would be on my mattress a few days a week to keep things centered.  Gah!

-  Of course we also moved three truckloads of stuff to the new place yesterday which is good but moving is lifting which is also not great for my back.  And with all of that stuff there, I feel like it is taunting me to start unpacking RIGHT NOW.

-  Oh and the part where I have shamefully low core and arm strength (as pointed out painfully by me being unable to move boxes of books I packed) isn't helping things either.

-  I am also fairly certain I am officially out of hormonal balance (to the hypo).  I had trouble motivating to do things yesterday, then we'd pack the next load and I'd be fine, and as soon as I sat down in the seat of the truck I would lose all motivation and just want to nap.  We'd arrive at the new place five minutes later and once I was moving it was all good, and then I'd sit back down and it would leech away again. 

-  Also, I got chilled while we were unloading the last truckload and I couldn't get warm again for the rest of the night.

-  Here I go down the hypo slope, where I've never really been before.  If yesterday is any indication this is not going to be a good month.

-  And to circle back despite being more than averagely tired I can't sleep very well because my back hurts.

-  So this morning (after moving to the couch for the last few hours of sleep hoping it would help) I am getting ready for my run when I get a voicemail from my endo's office telling me that my issue with having bloodwork done last Thursday has apparently miraculously disappeared.  Seriously, I may not have explained the problem well, but the lab authorization they wouldn't take last week isn't going to be okay this week either.  Gahhh!

So I'm cranky.  And there really isn't anything anyone can do about most of it short term (though I am tempted to sleep at the new place where there is already a futon mattress that is flatter).  And I'm really afraid this is going to be my base line for the next month.

Some good things (because there have to be some right?)
-having leftovers of J's homemade enchiladas for dinner last night
-The Hangover being surprisingly funny
-J offering to do a truckload on his own while I took a nap
-Running has gotten better, still not great but possible
-I had a good time on the 4th hanging out and chatting with people.  I also got several compliments on my floppy hat

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You were rocking that hat, seriously. You made me think I should buy one, except I just don't rock hats.

I know what's it's like to just want your body to be back to normal, it's very frustrating. In my case of course it will be months before I get my body back, especially if I breast feed, but at least I get something out of the bargain...of course, you have the ability to just drink more to drown your frustration I suppose.

But I also remember being so frustrated after the throat surgery because I couldn't eat very much so I was very weak. Blah. Still, you were in such good shape you will bounce back quicker than the average person, I'm convinced. I mean, you are certainly not average, dahling. ;)

Thanks sweetie. This has all been more frustrating than I was expecting. I knew what to expect (mostly) from surgery recovery, it's the hormone deficit that is shiny and new. Luckily alcohol is a low-iodine beverage so I can drink all I want. I just have to slog through the next few weeks and look forward to the upswing.

Heh, I would imagine even after wanting to be pregnant the reality is still not always spectacular, I hadn't really thought of it that way.

My lower back has been unhappy lately
You may want to try, just as an experiment, rather than seeking an actual flat surface, lying on the floor briefly with a pillow under your lower back/butt (depending on the size of the pillow likely to be both whether you mean it or not) and wih your feet flat on the floor, knees up and bent. See if having the pillow there makes the pain go away. If it does, you could use the pillow under your lower back when lying on other surfaces as well. But if it doesn't hurt in that floor-feet-flat position, than it's probably not the same muscle groups I'm suspecting. But worth trying to see.

...uh, I'm an idiot. That last bit was supposed to say "if it doesn't help in that position"

Thanks for the suggestion, that is something I have not tried. I did lie down for a while with me flat on the floor and my knees up on the couch (kind of in a right angle) which takes some pressure off, but isn't a position I can sleep in. I will check your idea out.

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