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information is surprisingly helpful
xkcd world
After the very cranky post of this morning, I spent some time online researching my upcoming radioactive iodine treatment and found a list of hypothyroid symptoms.  I haven't looked at that list in a long time, but back in the day when I'd look at it I'd notice one or two things that were kind of relevant.  Today it's a f*cking checklist of how I feel, right down to the irritability.  Yup.

I suppose it's good to know what this is, now I have to figure out better coping mechanisms. 

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Remember, too, that in most cases the meds have to be adjusted before you start feeling like yourself. I think it's in the Thyroid Med Bible ;) Mine were tweaked 2-3 times within the first couple of months after the operation. Haven't felt the need to tweak them since April, which, according to Endo Doc, means that I'm probably at the optimum dosage.

I'm not thinking about that part yet, mostly. In my happy brain I get the radiation and as soon as I'm allowed back amongst the people I will be just fine. Realistically, I know that it'll be a week or so before I can start the hormone again, that it'll take a month or so for that to really get in my system, and once that happens there's no guarantee that we won't spend months getting my levels to the right level.

It is good to hear that you have found your level, and that it didn't take too much tweaking.

I have some people you can punch if that will help?

Feel better *big hugs*

It just might. I'll let you know if I need human punching bags.

And thanks.

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