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catching up to radioactive
- Everything J and I own is now in one place.  The major furniture is where we think it's going to be, both of our desks are set up, and the kitchen is workable (though we keep noticing things we'd like to have).  There are still a lot of boxes, mostly of books, to be unpacked.  We bought new bookshelves on Sunday, but getting them in place to then unpack the books is going to take some shifting around  - we cleverly had put the boxes where we knew the bookshelves would go so they'd be out of the way - and probably won't happen for while.  But we're moved.  Which is a very happy thing.

- It took a week to hear from the radiologist, due to some mis-communication and vacation time by staff at the hospital.  I was incredibly anxious by the end of last week; I was suddenly nervous that we wouldn't be able to do the treatment in time for me to be able to go back to rehearsals and I'd have to postpone and do the low-iodine / off meds thing all over again.  I got a call on Friday, and they are incredibly laid back, as is the hospital in general.  I still feel a little like I'm making up my treatment as I go along.  Some of things my endo said surprised  the radiologist so I'm splitting the difference.  I've read enough to know that I'm falling within usual norms, but it's weird to not be told 'this is it, do it".  Mostly, it makes me miss my surgeon.  I also realize that since this is an outpatient procedure it's not such a big deal, but I do better with clearly drawn instructions.

-  In any case my appointment is at 10am tomorrow (Wed).   I will be in what I am calling 'isolation mode' until Saturday morning.  That means at least 10' from people as much as I can (including sleeping on the living room futon so I'm not above the bedroom of the downstairs neighbors), making sure any kitchen items I use I wash before anyone else touches them, that kind of thing.  I will also be drinking a lot of water, sucking on a lot of cough drops, and taking twice daily showers.  The goal is to make sure that the radiation doesn't sit anywhere in your body for too long on its way out, including the bladder and salivary glands. 

- As of Saturday morning I go back on the hormones (so much YAY you can't even imagine) and off the low iodine diet.  I should still stay at arms length from people, be uber-careful in the kitchen and bathroom, and will still be on the futon.  That lasts until the following Wed when I go back in for a scan to see where the radioactive stuff got taken up in my neck.  After that, things should return to normal.

- The low iodine diet has kicked my ass a little.  It's not that bad, it just requires that you cook all the time, especially if you want to get protein.  I'm not much of a cook at the best of times, and just after moving no one wants to cook every meal so this was certainly not timed ideally.  It has given me a new respect for the difficulties anyone with food allergies goes through.  Also for Cordelia.

- I am amused that I will be radioactive the same weekend as comic-con.  That seems somehow appropriate.  I'm still hoping for superpowers somehow, but it was pointed out to me that if I try for them I could wind up more Jeff Goldblum than Tobey Maguire, which would not be okay.

- Now I have to go to a BBQ for J's previous roommates who are on their way to Denver as of Thursday.  Luckily it's byo everything so at least I know I can eat.

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(Deleted comment)
Sadly I must have missed that episode. But I think my boyfriend has a webcam, so I'll see what I can do.


But can you cook food just by looking at it? Bzzzzzzttt!!


Glad to hear from you again and that things are moving along...!

Sadly no. Or at least not currently.

Thanks, I'll be grateful when all of this is done.

(Deleted comment)
The timing hadn't occurred to me until I saw a few friends make their "I'll update everyone after the weekend" posts.

So far no powers, but we'll see.

(Deleted comment)
Evil would likely be more fun and profitable, but then you have to deal with superheroes hunting you down which is a pain. I think I'd end up heroic just so I could avoid that part.

Good Luck with the superpowers. I hope you use them for good.

I would be totally freaked out to be radioactive. How will you wash things in the kitchen without touching them?

I thought about being a super villain, but I suppose it depends a bit on the powers.

It doesn't feel any different at all, which might be the freakiest thing. I bought a pair of dishwashing gloves to be in the kitchen with - so that J can walk in there without avoiding things.

Supervillany probably pays better than superheroism... so I can see the appeal. You should be a super villian who's cover is a super hero.

How long will things you touch remain radioactive?

I don't know. Mostly I've been told to wash everything I touch super carefully for the first 48 hours, but no one has told me how much transfer there is, or if I can actually make other things radioactive for days and days. It's weird. So I'm going with gloves for everything in the kitchen, just planning to clean the bathroom I've been using and not worrying about anything in there, and somewhere in the middle for everything else. Luckily due to the cold sensitivity issues I'm wearing long sleeves, long pants, and socks so there isn't a whole lot of skin contact to anything anyway.

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