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time is twisted

-  So I am radioactive now.  It doesn't feel any different at all honestly.  I got to the hospital and did the appropriate paperwork.  Then I waited while they got things ready.  I sat in this little alcove and they brought in a heavy lead container with a screw top lid about the size of a coffee cup.  When it was time the doctor opened it, and took out a little plastic shot glass that had the pill in it.  I took the little shot glass with a gloved hand, tipped the pill directly onto my tongue (no touching), and swallowed with a full glass of water.  Then I was shown where the nearest exit was so I'd have as little contact with people as possible and on my way.  Woosh - all done.

-  Part of what is amusing is I was old news before I even got up this morning.  At 2a CDT my sister-in-law went into labor and had the twins.  She has been on bed rest in the hospital for the past three weeks or so, earlier this month she went in for a test and mentioned some false labor pains that turned out to be her in labor instead.  Luckily they got it stopped then as that was way too early.  Today was 34 weeks and 2 days so still early (they were aiming for 36 weeks) but much better.  Jake Robert was born at 4:15a and Jessica Lindsey (after my cousin Erin, which is still making me tear up) was born at 4:20a.  Both babies were breathing on their own, but went to the NICU just to be safe.  I don't know much more than that, the plan before this was for people to call me tomorrow in case today turned out to be hard for me.  I'm grateful that labor was quick and smooth for sis-in-law, no stitches and not even enough time for an epidural.  And she will be thrilled to be getting out of the hospital soon, she was going crazy.

And that is the news of the day in my world.  It's probably just as well I'm in another state, since I would have to stay far away from the hospital with the babies for the next week anyway.

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Congrats to your Brother! Have you figured out whether or not your pee glows in the dark yet? Inquiring minds want to know!!

I will stay away from you for now, of course, to protect the alien goldfish in my tummy - my superpower is growing a person, not quite as exciting as being radioactive from a comic-book point of view I suppose, and certainly more vulnerable too.

Do pass along your address once you are settled!

I spoke to Paul last night, he's tired but doing well. (He slept through his phone ringing at 2am, Kim ended up calling the neighbors to go and knock on his door.) Yes, I also am not allowed to see you for at least a week - no pregnant women or children. Though the six year old whose backyard shares a fence with our complex who believes that screaming is the only way to communicate? I might drop by and give him a random hug.

No glowing yet, or random strength, or anything. I apparently am boring in my radioactivity.

Getting to the "I've moved" email is on my to do list for the weekend, we'll see when it actually happens.

Twins!! I'm glad it was an easy labour and that the babies are breathing on their own.

Good luck with being radioactive.

Just imagine all of the possibilities if you are the cause of the babies becoming Wonder Twins. Instead of being simply the cool aunt or the lame aunt, you will be the gift-and-curse aunt. Given the tags that you gave this journal entry, you have already given it a little thought.

That would be awesome. Sadly I'm in another state and plane travel is another giant no, since I'd certainly irradiate the passengers around me. Hopefully if they became the wonder twins they could do more than water and animals though.

glad you're feeling all right so far :)

At this point I feel pretty meh, but I'm on my period, my TSH is still hugely wacky, and I'm radioactive. So I have no idea which thing is causing what. Hopefully I will start to feel better as a giant package deal this weekend.

I think I can see you glowing from here! Have you tried lifting a car or seeing through people's clothes?

Congrats on the niece and nephew- that is great! Glad to hear that they are doing well. Sorry you can't squish them yet.

Heh. No seeing through clothes, that would be awesome. I haven't tried lifting a car - I have to do laundry tomorrow maybe I'll see if I can move the machine with the power of my mind.

I'm not going to get back to WI to see the new kidlings until early October probably. But that might be just as well, I'm certain my brother and sis-in-law have more than enough to deal with for the near future anyway.

Heh - I like that comic. Though the pill had salt so still no good for me until Saturday. Maybe I should just find green stuff.

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