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stuff and nonsense
horrible careful
- I didn't get any special powers from the RAI; I didn't even glow.  Ah, well.

- I am back on hormone medication and have noticed one immediate difference, already I'm not so cold all the time.  (For the last week I was sleeping in sweat pants, socks, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and usually needed extra blankets.  Last night just a tank top and pajama pants.)  My energy level is still low, but at least I know things are happening.

- The isolation part is really weird.  I don't like saying goodnight to J and then sleeping in different rooms, and the touching restrictions for the first three days were uber-difficult.  Now there can be hugs again and it's better, but it still feels strange - like we moved in together and then immediately had to be less close.  Actually it's been that way a bit all summer because of my surgeries and the being off meds; we've been on really different sleep schedules ever since we were in one place.  There is supposed to be a honeymoon phase in here that we jumped right over.  I'm hoping that as my levels get back to something close to normal we might be able to back up and still have that.

- The other part about needing to stay away from people is how sedentary I've been this week.  I could be going for walks or doing stretches in the apartment but it's a lot easier to just sit.  I've been trying to figure out if the half-marathon I had originally planned to do in Oct is still possible (the summer one was yesterday) and I really can't tell.  It depends a lot on how quickly I can come back.  I ran 8 miles on the Tuesday before the first surgery, I have run a total of 9 miles since then (about two months).

- Rehearsals start a week from tomorrow for my next show.  I'm mostly still in denial about this one.

- On Saturday J moved boxes around and I vacuumed, then we set up all of the new bookshelves we had bought last weekend.  We filled the shelves we have and will need to get at least two and probably three more, which we knew already.  But having books out and on shelves is awesome, even if it's not all of them yet.  It makes this feel more like home.  We're also getting rid of doubles.  That scares me a little even if it does make sense, this living together thing hasn't ever lasted a whole year in my past.  But I am different now, and J is very different from the other guys, and there's no reason to anticipate failure, right?

- In TV land we made a decision to upgrade one series II TiVo, and discontinue the other in favor of the Comcast DVR so that we could (hopefully) get the best of both worlds.  I had BBC America for four days which turns out to be annoying because I now have only four episodes of Torchwood on the DVR.  If I wasn't supposed to get the channel it would have been much kinder to simply not ever give me the channel.  Grrrr.

- I've got two more days of needing to be arms length away from people.  I do need to go to the bank and the post office but that shouldn't be a big deal.  I'm looking forward to restaurants and movies being options again.  Or just cuddling with J on the couch.

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Thank you. This summer has been nothing I expected it to be, I am looking forward to normal (whatever that is).

I have a tin sign in my laundry room that says, "Normal is just a setting on the washing machine." It helps me to remember that.

Oh no... only four eps of Torchwood? That SUCKS. I think it is on Comcast on Demand if you have that feature. (Val doesn't get BBC America either, but she was watching it on Demand. Hopefully that will work.) Torchwood was awesome. (Too bad your radioactive power wasn't to get British TV via the power of your mind! Or at least to play like a radio station in your teeth.)

That has to be tough- moving in right as all this is going on. But at least he is there for you and with you through all this, even if you haven't been able to snuggle, and that is great. I think that is an excellent sign.

Getting books out does make a place more like home!

It is On Demand - woot! Of course I haven't seen all of DW season 4 yet, will I be hopelessly lost?

Yeah, several people (including doctors) have been astonished that I could move while all this was going on. They underestimate the power of not having much choice in the matter. And J has been extra awesome.

Only giving you the channel for 4 episodes is dumb.

Yay for getting books on shelves! All my books are still at my mom's house. We combined movies and got rid of duplicates, that was weird. But I gave them all to family members, so I suppose I could get them back if need be :) Don't be negative! You guys have already been through a lot together, I'm sure it's already brought you a lot closer than the others.

And boo for isolation, that sounds like no fun.

And I had missed episode 1. They were replaying them all on Sunday so I could get it and then not.

Heh - yeah we don't duplicate books/movies in that many areas but holding on to two full sets of Buffy on DVD, for example, does seem silly. It only freaks me out occasionally, I am trying to stay out of that brain space. And really, if we could make it through this summer, we should be able to do anything.

The rules about touching end tomorrow, I am so excited.

No super powers- sucky! or maybe you are just not sharing them so your neiferious plan for an evil takeover are not blown... I'm going to go with that. When you do take over the world, can I make a few suggestions?

How far is a half marathon? I wouldn't give up on it yet. See how you feel mid-Aug.

sorry to hear you didn't get any exciting super powers. maybe they take a while to set in?

also: i less than three your icon. seriously. made my morning.

You missed a tiny bit if you didn't see the final episode of Dr. Who season 4, but just the fact that Torchwood met him finally. I found the Torchwood special very well done except I wanted to kill myself afterwards I was so depressed.

I know exactly what you mean about consolidating assets, that freaked me out quite a bit as well originally. But Jay really is different, I think, and as I kept reminding myself, if you don't give the relationship every possible chance then you will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. 'Course now I'm truly stuck, aren't I? :)

Glad to hear you're on the mend!

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