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bits and pieces
time is twisted
- Rehearsals have begun.  They come with the usual frustrations, which I don't feel like listing anymore.  The play itself is awesome, and so far I'm really enjoying this cast so hopefully it will all balance out.

- I can't tell at all what is going on with my thyroid levels now.  I'm being careful to sleep at least eight hours a night now that rehearsals have started, but I can't tell if the low energy is my levels being off or just my being out of practice at actually working.

- I am nervous about what will happen next week when I go off the T3 hormone and am just relying on the T4.  It's tech week, so it would be a sucky time to have my hormones do new things.

- At the movies last night I saw the preview for "Nine" the musical.  I sang along to "Be Italian", gasped as each new female face hit the screen (oh, the cast), and I cannot wait for this movie to arrive.  J pointed out that there is another movie called "9" coming out this fall which might be confusing.  I have a feeling the Venn diagram crossover for musical theatre and animated steampunk isn't so huge, but I am smack in the middle and hugely excited about both movies.

- Last weekend we got a few more bookshelves and so the pile of things still to be unpacked is very small.  It's also pretty much all mine, and is likely going to stay a pile until September after this show opens.

- I've been watching reruns of "What Not to Wear" on TLC as my brainless TV and it is making me want to redo my wardrobe.  Or at the very least get a rid of a few things before anyone could make fun of them.  it is interesting though, that in most of the episodes I've seen the makeoveree is really attractive and has a great body type.

- The post office has yet to forward any of my magazines or catalogs, though the mail seems to be coming through fine.  I think my old mail carrier is taking my EW for himself.

- The scar has gotten really itchy again.  J pointed out that it was an incision through lots of layers so there's lots of healing to be done, but it is really disconcerting.

- Living with J is awesome.  Having a roommate who actually cleans anything at all is exciting all on its own, but this is really good.  Yay!

- I'm still not running again, I figured I had better be sure I can get through work before I add any active play.  I'm thinking it'll be another week or two.  I feel flabbier than I was, but the scale is staying the same, which means I'm probably losing muscle.  That is no good.

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Having not heard anything about fall movies, I googled the movies you were talking about to see the trailers. I was very confused when the first one I watched was The nines (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m_QmoaWEtg), since it didn't seem to be a musical or animated. Googling while sleepy leads to no good.

Sucks that you don't feel up to running, but you'll get there and I bet it won't take as long as you think to recover.

Heh - the nines is not the same thing, and yes that would have been confusing.

Yeah I am hoping to get back to running soon - right now I have enough energy to get through rehearsals without a whole lot left over. Part of me wants to use this huge gap to simply slide into inactivity but my mood (and my waistline) would suffer for that.

You'll probably find that once you do start exercising again, the muscle will come back. I know that is the case for me and swimming.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

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