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I discovered something about myself last week that was a little unsettling.

Most of the people on staff at TW or in rehearsal don't know about my recent medical adventures.  I didn't want every single person I work with to have a stake in my health, or have to answer questions to start every conversation.  I am guessing it's a pretty open secret given the scar*, and that some people do know, but I have been grateful that I've been able to guard my privacy.

But in dealing with people last week I discovered something not so attractive about myself.  I wanted everyone to cut me slack for my medical issues, even though most people didn't know about them, and I still didn't want to tell them.  It's completely unrealistic, and rather self-centered.  I wanted everyone to just sense that I had recently had a hard time and adjust.

It makes me wonder how many people walk around with some major issues happening in their life that we don't know about, wishing that someone would just cut them some slack.  It makes me think that I should probably try to cut everyone slack, all the time.

Which leads wonderfully into this post I've seen linked by several of my friends today by [info]fragbert:

 And I am grateful for every one of you here, and the support you've provided.


*I still think the scar is impossible to miss, and I expect most people to notice it and maybe ask.  Most people don't ask, whether or not that means they don't notice, I can't say.  Those folks that have asked are luckily all people I am close enough to and trust enough to tell.  So far no one has asked that I don't feel comfortable telling, that will be an interesting bridge to cross if it happens.
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