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I do not think that means what you think it means
There is a moment in the show I'm working on (that opens tonight) at the end of act I when small gold mylar discs rain down from the sky.  The discs are about 3/4" in diameter and you can feel them if they land on you, but they don't hurt.  This director is overly fond of dropping things from the sky, but I have to admit this one looks pretty damn cool.

The director keeps referring to it as the "gold shower".

I giggle every time.  No, the director has no idea of the other meaning of that phrase.

And as I explained to the light board op yesterday, I'm certainly not going to correct him.  It's way too much fun to giggle at him instead.

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The actors are getting golden showers in public? That's very, very kinky.

Actually only one actor is getting a golden shower, but it splashes on several others, and a little bit on the audience too. snerk.

oh geez. and i know exactly which director this is. and i'm getting flashbacks to ALNM and that blasted petal drop.

gold shower. *snerk* hee hee

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