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I owe posts about work stuff and health stuff but I don't quite have enough brain to wrap around that right now.  The short version: I really like the show I am doing right now ("Yellow Face"), have picked up another show that fits into the time off I had so I'll be working non-stop from now until New Year's, the results of my post-radioactive scan were all negative for cancer markers, and my tsh is currently .35.

But really I am posting today because in my world 09-09 has always had meaning, even when it wasn't tripled.  Today is my parent's anniversary.  They've been married for 37 years today despite some early surprises (the wedding was supposed to be the following April, but then I was born in January) and bumps in the road.  I've heard my parents fight and watched them slow dance, and generally discovered in their example that relationships take communication and care but that they are worth it.

I am grateful to be their daughter.
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