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- My day at work yesterday began at 9:30am and ended at 10:45pm, with assorted ten minute breaks and 30 minutes free for dinner.  Ah tech, how I've missed you. 

- I can't decide yet what I think of this cast.  They each have had moments of being kind and friendly and perceptive, and also moments of condescension and idiocy and selfishness.  (They're people, who knew?)  But it's frequently the same person, and within the same conversation.  I think they're all very talented, but I don't really want to be friends, or even just hang out on a break, with any of them.  After the last cast was so awesome, this is disappointing.

- I am starting to notice a few grey hairs at my temple every time I put my hair up.  I'm okay with this, especially if I go grey like my Auntie Yvonne (my mom's sister, so there's a chance).  It keeps catching my eye, and I wonder if the grey is going to keep creeping in or if it's going to come quickly.

- All the new TV has started just in time for me to have no time to watch TV.  I'm going to have to prioritize what I see and what waits until the show opens.  (Thursday nights are going to be a bitch.)  It also means I have to skip a lot of people's TV posts here, which always makes me sad.

- J bought season 1 of '30Rock' over the weekend just because, and we've been marathoning it with our house guest.  It's been fun watching other people discover a show I enjoy so much.
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