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October resolutions
Running down the road
It is officially time for me to get off my ass and start moving again.  This summer was understandably not a time of running or moving at all, between the medical stuff and the move any routine I had built up is completely gone.  But my clothes are not fitting well, I feel generally sluggish, and I stepped on the scale this morning - ouch!

So it is time to begin. Again.   I went for a long walk in the morning before leaving for the theatre three days this week.  I plan to stick with walking for another week, and then step up to running again.

I know I do better when I have a goal race to train for so I've been looking at half-marathons to run in the end of January / early February.  There's nothing close to me, but  I've found one race in San Diego and one in Sedona. AZ that fit the time frame.  And either of those places would be fun to visit for a mini-vacation, so a longer weekend could be built around me racing.  It still feels silly to travel and pay for a hotel so I can run, but if it gets me off my butt it would be worth it.   (Also since I'm working non-stop until the end of December I will be ready for a vacation, and should even have some extra cash to pay for it.)

The plan for a race at the end of January may be overly ambitious; I'm hoping my body remembers the years of running and this isn't as hard as I'm afraid it may be.  But where ever I end up eventually it is time to start again.

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Is the race in San Diego along the water? I really like San Diego, I think it would be perfect for a weekend getaway, and I totally understand your need to have a goal at the end of the training to motivate you.

I'm not looking forward to trying to get back into the swing of things after the baby is born, because I'm betting that between feeling super sluggish and not having any free time it's going to be challenging, but hopefully I can stick to the lunchtime routine I have going. Good luck!

I have a feeling that once you get back into a routine your body will adjust quickly - and you already know that you can stick to a routine having done it for so long that I think you'll be back to your usual energetic self in no time.

Good luck!

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