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After much pondering I have decided to once again throw my hat into the ring for therealljidol .  But I'll need the hat back.  I only have one I really like.

This is the same writing competition I participated in last fall/winter.  I enjoyed the challenge of writing to a weekly prompt, met some fabulous people, and managed to avoid most of the drama.    We'll see what this year brings.

Also, have you ever noticed that the singles you get as change from the 7-11 seem much more well-loved than the singles from most other places?  I stopped to get milk last night and just touching my change made me feel a little dirty.

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Hooray LJI!!

"Well-loved"? That's diplomatic of you *grin*

Heh - having made the decision I'm all excited.

"well-loved" seemed more polite than "directly from a stripper's thong" which was my first thought. Or maybe the late night clerk is a fondler.

Two words: hand sanitizer.

I know we have buckets of purell around here somewhere since we're trying to keep the cast and crew healthy. I just have to find it.

Thanks! I'm excited to be back.

Here we go again, right? I look forward to seeing how you keep up with this in the midst of your world travels. Of course, you'll probably have much more exciting things to write about.

Yeah it'll be interesting. On the plus side there'll certainly be things to talk about, on the minus side they might not relate to the prompt and I'll probably have half an hour in a hotel lobby to cobble something together.

Just trying to figure out what time the deadline was would probably be enough to defeat me. I look forward to reading whatever you come up with.

Haha oh I hadn't even tthought of that. True!

Indeed! Having made the decision I'm getting all excited.

And I LOVE that icon.

YAY-I look forward to reading again this year.

Oh good, it's nice to know that someone on my flist not playing is happy I'm doing this again. I'm a little concerned that I got spammy during this last year.

Thanks - I'm excited to play again, and to read you too.

"made me feel a little dirty"

hee hee.

hee hee.

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