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LJ Idol week 0: introduction

Introductions tend to follow a certain pattern. People trade names, shake hands, and make polite small talk. I tend to ask a lot of questions when I meet someone new, both because I am curious about people in general, and because it’s more fun than talking about me. After all, I know all about myself already. I’d much rather hear about you.


But then, you probably feel the same way. So it’s only fair for me to give you at least some information. I am a 36 year old female living with my boyfriend in the Bay Area of California. I work as a stage manager for a regional theatre company. I believe vodka makes nearly everything better. My hobbies include reading, watching too much TV, knitting, running, and making lists. I think the world would be a better place if we were all just nicer to each other. Well, and if we occasionally broke out into carefully choreographed song and dance numbers in the park. 


And this is my favorite joke.


Q: What’s green and sits in the corner?


A: A naughty frog.

More accurately, it's my favorite clean joke.  I don't know you quite well enough yet to tell my favorite dirty joke.  But I'm sure we'll get there.


@@@This is my entry for week 0 of LJ Idol - the topic is ‘introduction’.@@@


(Deleted comment)
Thanks! It's good to remember that my job can be fun, we're at the slogging stage on my current show so at the moment I'm a little over it. I've never worked on Fiddler though, and I like that show.

Luck to you as well.

Nice to meet you!

I'm really glad you're doing this again this year. :)

Nice to meet you too!

I'm glad that folks I know are excited to read these again, it should be fun.

First of all a loud groan about the joke! hahaha. And making lists is a hobby? hmmmm. Smile. Fun entry!

I actually have been known to make lists of my lists. I find them very soothing, as well as helpful in organizing my life.

Thanks for the kind words! I look forward to reading your stuff again this season.

I love jokes that are so simple yet so damn funny, like that one. I love to laugh. You made me guffaw.

Exactly - it's the uber-simple grade school jokes that are my favorites. I'm glad I was able to make you laugh.

What goes haha bonk?

A man laughing his head off...

Seriously how could I not like an introduction with THAT icon?

Heheh - I'm glad I read this before I have to be quiet at my job. Very funny.

This has been my default icon for years now. I love their slightly shocked expressions.

Welcome back to the show! I'm still hoping to visit the Bay Area some day. Seems like a nice place. And I think it's kinda cool how you can just randomly run into someone and start a conversation, and long as they're from the same or similar cultural background they automatically know the rules of interaction. Have always been interested in that.

Thanks! It's been fun to 'see' lots of familiar folks. I enjoy the Bay Area, where I am manages to feel big and small at the same time.

Hi, nice to meet you. My first job was in the box office of a community theater. then I moved up to birthday party hostess, and assistant stage manager. Now I am an English teacher, but I take an international acting workshop on sundays. Good luck.

It amazes me sometime how many folks have theatre in their lives in some fashion. What grade level do you teach English to, that was another career I considered at one point.

I think life would be perfect if we all broke into song more often.

I break into song fairly regularly, but people just stare and point at me instead of joining in. Eventually they'll succumb to the group sing.

But...but I wanna hear the dirty joke... :(

I can't give away all my best material in week 0. But I'll tell dirty jokes eventually, promise.

*shout out to Bay Area*. I live in the South Bay : ). But I frequently go to the North Bay since my parents live there.

Woot! I live on the Peninsula officially, so while I am in the middle of everything, practically it means I mostly just stay put.

I believe vodka makes neatly everything better.

This statement is how I know you really are a stage manager. :D

Never trust a stage manager that doesn't drink.

In fact, I don't think I've ever met a stage manager who doesn't have an alcohol of choice.

I like.

And I agree that things would be better if we just occasionally broke into song walking down the street, dancing and whatever. Jumping onto and off of lamp posts...

... spinning in the grass, leaping over benches. I want a production number in the middle of my life.

Haha. Cute.

Here's one for you.

Why can't Miss Piggy Count to 100?

Ready for this?

She always gets a frog stuck in her throat at 69! ;)

That is wonderfully awful. Yay for funny!

Glad to see you back! Love the joke. :)

Best of luck this season.

Good to see you back as well! It's been fun recognizing folks from last season.

Luck to you too.