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odd realizations
I have no style.

That may be harsh.  I have a sense of style, yet I don't seem to apply it to my wardrobe/hair/makeup at all.  Mostly I wear jeans and t-shirts, with the only excitement being whether the shirts are long or short sleeved, or have a graphic of some sort.  I tend to wear minimal makeup and most of what I do with my hair is about getting it out of the way.  Over the past few months, this has become bothersome to me.

Several things have led up to this point.  Before the move this summer I spent time cleaning out my closets of the things I don't wear, and realized that it was a decent chunk of what I owned.  Due to technical issues our closet currently doesn't have doors so I can see all my clothes all the time and I've realized what a mish-mash they are, there's no cohesion to anything.  I also was watching a lot of 'What Not to Wear' this summer for background noise, and of course 'Project Runway' is back now.  And I just finished reading the book Gothic Charm School by Jillian Venters.  I've always been attracted to the goth look, and even dressed up that way for Halloween for a few years.  In general I've always been attracted to more extreme personal looks, but have always felt like I don't have the right to do that; somehow on me it would be playing dress up instead of a style.  But then, I've always liked how I felt inside the look few times I've tried things out.

So I'm thinking of doing a major overhaul to my personal style.  This obviously wouldn't happen overnight, both the time and money factors require this to be a drawn out process.  I tend to lean towards the Victorian style of goth and Steampunk which I think overlap in fun ways.  I was trying to figure out how to do this yesterday and realized that if I bought new pieces that fit the theme, I could slowly phase my current wardrobe out.  Honestly, I'll probably still end up in pants regularly, but maybe it could be slacks instead of jeans, with a button down shirt and cool vest and my hair pulled back into a snood.  I have a color palette in my head of mostly browns, blacks, and grays with the occasional bright color thrown in.  I'd be aiming for a style that mostly wasn't noticeable as a specific label, but that would have a few specific fabulous pieces for those dress up occasions that would be unmistakable.

But here's the biggest question in my brain - Am I being ridiculous?  I'm 36, and while I certainly don't believe that only 20somethings can make statements with their wardrobe am I starting way too late?  Can I own this without looking like I'm playing dress up?  (I do know the only appropriate response to that question is 'I don't know, can you?')  I'm excited by the idea, but a little afraid of the execution.  And I know me well enough to be a little concerned about my ability to follow through, though shopping with a specific look in mind might actually be easier.

Have any of you ever tried to overhaul your style?

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Approximately every three years I go on a Shopping Expedition with a friend. It's always a new friend, one who wasn't there the previous attempt. It's always some big ambitious overhaul that seems like a brand new idea at the time. We both have high hopes, and the Expeditions are usually born out of some excited conversation about wanting to change my look and be less lazy about that sort of thing, and a sneaky desire to "look nice" (because I never do, and usuaully don't care) that probably invented itself after some sort of recent or potential near-future rejection. I get a totally new wardrobe, occasionally accompanied by new-and-interesting haircut. I am briefly excited about said new wardrobe. Within a month I find myself wearing, maybe, one item from said new wardrobe, the rest deemed not comfy enough for regular use. So I've stopped trying to overhaul my style. I always end up feeling like I'm playing dress-up when I wear "nice" clothes, which makes me uncomfortable. So I go back to my brighly colored t-shirts and jeans. I probably have the opposite issue that you do since you liked how you felt inside the look.

This is a little bit what I am afraid of, especially since I tend towards comfy as well. But I'm hoping that if I do this a little at a time, it will either stick and be really cool in a year or so, or if it falls apart at least it won't be too big an investment. I also really want to color my hair, but it's really long right now so that's a fairly big commitment either to upkeep, or finding some way to not let it look silly growing out. But I enjoy it when I get dressed up, and tend to wish I could find excuses to do it more often.

What's interesting to me is there isn't any specific thing inspiring this this time around. I've got a boy I love who loves me back and a job I'm stable in (even if not entirely thrilled). I can't tell if this is wanting something /anything new, or really a transition.

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