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- I saw a rainbow yesterday.  It was a full arch, with all of the colors showing and it was beautiful. 

- I also went to a yoga class yesterday, for the first time in about 6 months.  Ouch.

- The show I'm working on extended.  That is great for the company and means that it is selling well.  But for me it means that once again I'll be closing a show on Sunday and have my first rehearsal for the next show on that Monday.  Craziness.

- Klutz had offered me the warehouse job for the holidays again, but with another show coming up I couldn't take it.  I did mention that I could work 3/4 time or so in December once I got the show open and gave them my availability, figuring there was no way they'd want someone with a schedule as wacked as mine.  But I was wrong.  Someone who was already trained who could step in just as they get busy is more cost effective than someone they'd have to train in.  So as of Nov 30 I'll be working two jobs for the month of December.  This is mostly insane, though having offered the time to Klutz I don't want to take it back.  I'm hoping that since the warehouse and stage managing use really different parts of my brain that while I'll be physically exhausted no matter what, that the two different jobs will balance out in my brain and keep me calm.  We'll see.

- I went to see Dr. N for my breast today.  We chatted some about my thyroid after care while he took down my history and did an ultrasound of my breast.  He went ahead and drained the cysts - which are apparently two cysts side by side instead of one complex cyst. (Yay for the fact that a local anesthetic was involved with this, boo for the moment when I opened my eyes to see a needle sticking out of my breast unsupported while Dr. N was doing something with the ultrasound machine.)  There was blood in the fluid, though it's hard to say if it came from inside the cysts or not.  If it was from inside, that's not the best sign.  In any case I have another appointment in a month.  If the cyst comes back - I can't feel it now that it's drained - then the next step is a core biopsy to get some of the tissue to look at.  If it stays gone, then I should be done. 

- Lately I've been in the habit of rereading books instead of picking up something new.  I go through a phase of that periodically, I wonder why.

- I got to attend about 45 minutes of my friend's babyshower on Sunday, and her sister was there doing henna tattoos.  This is something I should consider getting the materials for and doing myself, I always adore the way it looks.

- J and I mostly caught up on TV last night, and the fact that Fox is showing baseball a lot for the next two weeks means we should stay on top of things for a little while.
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