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- I seem to be getting back into a rhythm of exercising most days.  This is exciting to me, and the fit of my pants.

- My breast is still sore from the medical machinations of Tuesday.  This morning J and I were cuddling before getting out of bed, and I flinched away from him after he brushed his hand past my right side.  He apologized and expressed his desire for me to heal up quickly because "that's my squeezing breast." 

- It is voting time for week 1 of therealljidol .  The polls can be found here: community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/261793.html
I am in the third tribe on the page, named after lady_hoshi .  If you have time you should read more of the entries, there are links to all of them in the polls and some are pretty amazing.  Remember you can vote for as many as you want.

- Now I am going to cook lunch.  Cook as in actually chop things up and use more than one pan to create a meal.  This is a serious rarity in my world these days.

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I have lost all my desire to cook these days. Often occurs around mid-terms (students) and marking marathons (Me).

I read all the LJI enteries as a break from marking and downloaded one of Sypdies spreadsheets. I feel a little overinvested in something I'm not directly participating in, but I love reading all the different takes on the same subject.

I just get stuck because the only meal I'm eating at home is lunch, and the meal I think I should be cooking is dinner. Well, and because I'm lazy.

I love that you are following LJI so closely. I think you should try writing for it too. Reading the entries is actually one of the things I really enjoy, it's interesting to see what one phrase can distill out of 200+ minds.

Maybe I'll try a home game entry or two.

Last night we went to see Food Inc, and while it was nothing I didn't already know, it was one more reminder to try and get my eating habits in line with my values. It also seems like a lot more work. Tonight I'm making Lasanga. YAY

I may be exercising again, but my eating is still way sub-par. Fast food is just so damn easy. Maybe I should watch Food Inc just to scare myself back in line.

Mmmm lasagna. I hope it was yummy.

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