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I've been planning to dress up for Halloween, though not to put a whole lot of effort into it since I have a show that evening.  I had been debating between my ren faire garb and a goth look.  I mentioned that to anteka and she came up with the brilliant idea of doing goth ren faire.  Which is awesome!  My bodice is a deep green, that over all black would totally work.

So I've been putting an outfit together in my head all day.  Mostly I was scheming about how to get a full black skirt by next weekend; I thought I could reasonably pull the rest of the look together out of my closet.  Late this afternoon I pulled out my ren bodice to take a look at it and see if there was anything I would want to do to it for the costume.

With the ren bodice in my hands I realized that I bought it nine years ago, and probably haven't worn it in at least six.  This realization was caused by the size tags in the back which read "small petite".  Yeah, I haven't been small petite in anything for years.  Sigh.

But now I'm in love with this idea, so I'm going to call a friend who can hopefully either hook me up with a source for ren garb away from the faire, or might be willing to loan me a bodice for a night.  I've got a week, we'll see what I come up with.
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