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bits - theatre edition

- My current show did extend, but it only added three shows.  Luckily I only have one more two show day in the run.  Of course, that is the day with a student matinee - whee.  I'll be curious to see what high schoolers think of this one, there's no sex or cursing to keep them amused.

- On Sunday eight cell phones rang during the first act.  Eight. 

- The next show, A Civil War Christmas, is starting to ramp up, we had our first production meeting last week.  I have been purposely ignoring this show for as long as possible, but I think that's done now.

- We don't have a final script for CWC yet.  I think a lot of people have been waiting to get a more final script before diving in, but that means many folks are behind where they'd usually be.  And of course the people who are up to date are getting frustrated at the changes that are happening.  Good times.

- Oh and the one understudy I have for the current show was diagnosed with H1N1 flu last week.  Thankfully he called in sick to the understudy rehearsal we were supposed to have last Wednesday, so he didn't come into contact with anyone else on the show while he was contagious.
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