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At least I had makeup on
mr yuk
My show this evening was supposed to have a 7:30 curtain.

Instead it began at 8:07.

The Bay Bridge broke yesterday evening, and we had warned the cast and crew about that for the trip home last night, and the trip in today.  It is obviously huge news around here - bridges aren't supposed to break.

But one of the actors forgot.  His typical commute is over the Golden Gate bridge, not the Bay, but traffic everywhere was a mess due to all the vehicles that were displaced. So he left his house at the usual time which would ordinarily have gotten him here at 6:30.  He arrived at 8:05. 

I spent a lot of time on the phone: with the actor to get updates on his progress, with the managing director about how long we could conceivably wait to start, with various other staff members to keep them updated.  I got to make a curtain speech at 7:35, walking out onstage to tell the audience that we were very sorry, but we were anticipating tonight's curtain to be 8p.  (Ordinarily I only make announcements over the God mic, but I kind of felt that asking people to hang out for 25 minutes required a face.)

Thankfully most of the audience stayed, and the show itself ran well.  But really - he forgot?  I just - gah.  Only eight more shows.

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(Deleted comment)
Seriously, bridges have generally worked for how many thousands of years? Man made things sometimes break, that doesn't mean we should scrap the whole idea.

Yeah the Bay Bridge is freaky. They're building a replacement but it's not due to be open until 2011. So they'll keep adding bandaids until then.

For seriously? Everyone everywhere has been talking about the bridge ish for the past two days. What rock does he live under that he missed that memo long enough to forget?

Was he appropriately contrite, anyway?

It's the part where we specifically told the cast the bridge was down on Tuesday night that really gets up my nose. Apparently his home has no tv, radio, internets, or newspapers either.

He hasn't apologized yet, at least not to me. In fact he's currently throwing a snit that the dressing rooms are going to be locked between the stu mat and evening show. I think it will be justifiable homicide.

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