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- In the first week of my upcoming show rehearsals, if you count all of the cast members (including the two middle-schoolers who are double cast) as their own people I can have the whole cast in one room at the same time for 5 out of 35 hours.  If you count the double-cast girls as one person (ie. as long as I have one of them I'm good) that number jumps to a whomping 12 hours.  *headdesk*

- And we still don't have a script finalized to start rehearsals with.  On Friday the author said to go back to version A, over the weekend we were pretty sure we could make version B work, and when the Director called on Monday to relay that the author said, oh never mind there's a version C I'm working on.  That you should have tomorrow (that being yesterday so tomorrow was today).  No script has arrived yet, so we wait in limbo for version C.

- Walking into this show without any significant time off since July is probably going to be very bad for my sanity, and my burn out rate.  I'm going to try very hard not to take it out on anyone else though.

- In not-theatre news my Halloween costume turned out really nicely.  In fact, I would like to dress like that more often, Halloween or not.  A friend took photos, as soon as I can snag them from him I'll post one or two (and then stop with the pictures of me already, I promise).

- No trick-or-treaters came to the door while I was home so I have a bag of mini-snickers to get rid of.  In a way that doesn't involve me eating all of them.

- J was gone for the weekend to see his dad, he didn't see the new hair until he got back last night.  But he likes it.

- I've gotten better about exercising again.  I'm not doing anything awe-inspiring, but I'm fitting 30 minutes of something a day more often than not.  I know this is going to fall apart in December when I'll be working two jobs, but one of those jobs will be on my feet and lifting things so I'm thinking that will count.  Now I just have to not let the fact that I can't go to yoga in December convince me to stop going now.

- The family Christmas gathering on my mom's side is happening in January so I can go this year.  Which will be fun, I generally see the Aunts and Uncles on mom's side more often, but some of those cousins I haven't seen in ages.  There's a chance that on that weekend Mom&Dad, J&I, Paul&Kim and all four kids will all be staying at my parent's house.  Wheee!

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And we still don't have a script finalized to start rehearsals with

Ugh, condolences. I'm sure that happens at TW more often than some places, but I can't imagine it's ever okay.

a bag of mini-snickers to get rid of

I keep hearing about buyback and donation projects to send leftover candy to military folks in Afghanistan and Iran. One was mentioned on ATC yesterday, so it might be easy to find on the NPR website. Or you could just take them to work.

No finalized script is one thing if it's a world premiere. But this season even scripts that have been published have been changing on me.

I'll have to look for that donation program. Or yes, the crew would likely eat whatever I put in front of them.

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