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-  Show #2 of my season closed on Sunday.  It became the best selling play TW has ever produced which is awesome, I suppose.  (In this economy it's fantastic, but the show it topped was close to my heart and that part makes me sad.)  It's good it ended when it did, the cast was beginning to get cranky with each other.

-  So show #3 began rehearsal on Monday.  It's complex and big all over: lots of set changes, costumes, and actors.  The cast is really friendly in both that 'awesome I like working with these people' and 'would you please stop being talkative and focus already' ways.  We staged through page 12 last night and I felt like my brain was going to melt out my ears trying to keep up with everything.  Thankfully the TW resident ASM is on this show because it makes my 'everything' a little smaller, but that also means two of us get brain melty.  Only 101 pages to go!

-  In the little bit of downtime I had last week I also went to see two other shows:  Groundswell at SJRep and American Idiot at Berkeley Rep.  I enjoyed them both a lot; it was kind of like having a palette cleanser between courses.

-  LJ Idol this week gives us a choice of five topics.  I have narrowed it down to two but am still stuck.  This is not a week to give me options, point me in a direction and I'll go but decisions are a bitch.  In any case, if anyone has brilliant ideas for either "current events" or "who's that trip trapping over my LJ" please holler.  I have until Friday to get this figured out.

-  Friday night J and I have tickets to see They Might be Giants in SF!  I am very excited about that, if a little nervous about giving up a night off to go out instead of just collapse in a heap.

-  With Klutz on the horizon and this show being so big I am trying hard to stay focused on one day at a time.  If I look too far out I freeze up entirely.  But of course, the holidays are coming which require some forethought.  So far, these two things do not go together well in my head.

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I saw American Idiot for the second time last night. I love it so much!

I know a few people going to that TMBG show! Hey, did you see danea's post about Wicked in December? You wouldn't happen to be free on December 8, would you?

Did you enjoy the new curtain call? It amuses me how many of them obviously do not play guitar.

I am excited about going to a concert, I think the last one I saw may have been Snow Patrol with you. Which was a while ago.

I am not free on Dec 8 (surprise!) but if you haven't seen Wicked you should totally go - it's an amazing show. I still want to know how they make her green.

I loved the encore! But I couldn't tell who could and couldn't play the guitar, so I was just impressed that they were all playing.

The last concert you went to was that Snow Patrol concert? Damn, that was a while ago.

I saw it on Saturday, and they had only added it on Thursday. So a few of the cast members were having obvious difficulty getting their left hand on the chord they were strumming correctly. If it gets smoother I think I'd like it better.

Out of curiosity, what was the previously best-selling TW show that is close to your heart?

P.S. Thinking good thoughts for you and your melty brain. *smish*

M. Butterfly.

Maybe if my brain melts enough I can make a brain shake!

I haven't figured out what "Who's that trip tapping over my LJ" means yet. For current event you could talk about sesame street turning 40. I also kind of love this story as a jumping off point http://www.cbc.ca/cp/Oddities/091110/K11109AU.html

So far it has been interesting to see what the popular topics have been.

A night out sounds fun- I'd like to go see a movie on Friday but don't know if that will happen or not.

I think the "trip trapping" thing might be about trolling. I really want to create a small fairy tale thing, but I don't know if I have the brain for it. That article is brilliantly awful, I hadn't heard about that.

Part of the reason I don't want to write about sexual ethics or devasting beauty is because it seems like everyone is chosing those two. I may fall back into devasting beauty because I've had a few ideas for that.

I am reminding myself that this will be the last night out for a while, so I have to make the best of it.

ooo, fairy tale, fun!

I like that article, because it leaves so many questions. Were they at the airport to pick someone up? Could the aquarium not be walked to? Was she trying to placate the child? What other art was at risk?

Last year I was impressed when darkprism took the current events topic and turned it into fiction. This story makes me think it could be fictionalized fairly easily.

I'm sure you'll work this out and I'll enjoy it.

You're right, the questions it leaves are more fun than the ones it answers. I'm kind of wanting to do fiction this week, whichever topic I do - though I may not have the brain this week to try new things.

Thanks for the kind words.

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