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The voting is up for LJ Idol here: There were five topics to chose from this week and we were reorganized by the topic we chose so I am in the first poll on the page titled 'current events'. My tribe isn't that large this week so why not read them all and vote for your favorites? The voting is open until Tuesday at 8p EST.


We ran/stumbled through the first act of the show this morning. It went better than it had any right to go. I am thrilled that our cast is actually that on top of things, and grateful that Josh is the ASM on this show and that he is managing to keep a handle on the craziness that are these shifts. But part of my secret heart wants this thing to crash and burn to reflect the chaos that we've had in rehearsal so far. Ir always comes together somehow, I know. But as long as there are no consequences for chaos, chaos is where we're going to live. <sigh>


The They Might Be Giants concert on Friday was awesome! They played several of their classic songs, as well as a decent amount of stuff off the newer kids' albums. Two numbers were even sung by sock puppet. There was also an audience participation moment for which they asked the shy and any rock press to simply "get over yourselves and sing". And I really liked the Fillmore, I've never seen a concert there before but the venue is cool, and there is actually parking in the neighborhood. Whee!
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