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no more needles!
Yesterday I had a core needle biopsy on the cyst in my right breast. It still aches, and will be difficult to ice during rehearsal. Pressure helps too, but if I sit here all day cupping my right boob I think folks may wonder.

This morning I was at the dentist to have root plaining(sp?) done on the right side - they numb up your mouth so that they can scrape at your teeth below the gum line.

Next week I have a blood draw to check my thyroid levels, and the other half of the root scraping on the left side.

After that I would like to be done with needles for at least month. Please? I'll be extra good, I swear.

So today's rehearsal is going to be about not drooling on myself or touching myself too often. Oh yeah, I'm focused.
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Oh you poor thing! I'm sorry to hear about all those jabs in one week, that's awful!

Yeah, way too many needles. Now that the numbing is wearing out of my mouth I can drink without dribbling which is a positive, but I need to get some ibuprofen. I'm not quite sure how this decided to all pile up into just over a week but blech.

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