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no more needles!
Yesterday I had a core needle biopsy on the cyst in my right breast. It still aches, and will be difficult to ice during rehearsal. Pressure helps too, but if I sit here all day cupping my right boob I think folks may wonder.

This morning I was at the dentist to have root plaining(sp?) done on the right side - they numb up your mouth so that they can scrape at your teeth below the gum line.

Next week I have a blood draw to check my thyroid levels, and the other half of the root scraping on the left side.

After that I would like to be done with needles for at least month. Please? I'll be extra good, I swear.

So today's rehearsal is going to be about not drooling on myself or touching myself too often. Oh yeah, I'm focused.
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I'm doing all right, having rehearsal (even this clusterfuck of a show) to distract me is helpful.

A lot of things just piled all into this week all of a sudden.

My boyfriend last night was joking that I am seeing enough doctors for both of us, so he doesn't need to go anytime soon (despite the fact that he hasn't a physical in nearly a decade). It does seem like I am doing enough drs for several folks.

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