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- We have a runthru of the show today. I have no idea how it's going to go, everything is much too big and too little forethought was put into deciding how to do things. Whee!

- The biopsy was benign, but what it shows specifically (an intraductal papilloma) is something that can be a precursor to bigger things, and so surgery is recommeneded. I have an appointment with my surgeon on Monday so I'll know more after that. Today I need to make a list of questions to be ready for that appointment.

- Because it is Thanksgiving week tomorrow is not a day off. We'll be working a shorter day - but still working. Gah.

- Many people in the cast are getting sick, which makes rehearsing a bit more difficult. And apparently the director is getting a cold too, which will make him so much nicer (not).

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You are having a rough surgical year. I suppose catching things early is a good thing, so I hope everything works out!

Exactly, I have to keep being happy we find things early, instead of bemoaning that there are things to find.

My boyfriend has decided he's never going to the doctor again because 1) I go enough for both of us and 2) there will always be something for a dr to find and he'd rather not know. I'm trying to disuade him from that, but I'm not sure I'm being very successful.

Glad to hear it was benign, but yeah, intraductal blockages are good to minimize. Hang in there, and keep those sickies afar.

And apparently mine was weird, which just figures. I'm looking forward to getting more concrete answers.

I'm starting to think I should wear a surgical mask to rehearsal to keep my own air clean.

If they are all getting sick, I am not leaving the booth.

That's probably wise. I may baracade myself up there with you.

Is this surgery as minor as the last, in terms of time you need to spend at the hospital at least? That's just no fun at all, I'm sure you're starting to feel like the scalpel equivalent of a pin cushion. :(

It's actually even simpler - an outpatient thing they could do purely under local. They'll take out the affected duct and some surrounding tissue and that's it.

Jay has volunteered to take the next surgery (after this one) - since apparently every 6 months one of us goes to the hospital.

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