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- Here is the place to go for this week's LJ Idol vote: I'm in the 4th tribe on the page which is named "current".

- Saw the dr this morning. Saw several in fact, but only one about a breast. Dr. N did a brief ultrasound, but things inside are still a bit torn up from the biopsy so he couldn't really see anything. Essentially we know I have a single Intraductal papilloma, that's what the biopsy found. If it were a multiple - my changes of getting breast cancer in my lifetime go up by something like 33%. The single papilloma won't seed to a multiple, I've got whatever it is I've got. We talked about the surgery which would be pretty simple, it is an outpatient procedure that could be done under a local. And we talked about what tracking this would be if I didn't have the surgery. Dr N's opinion is that it is better to the surgery and have this be done, that way we know everything we can and there aren't any maybes. Given my year, I agree with that. However, there isn't a pressing need to have the surgery immediately and he'd prefer to wait several weeks in any case to let everything heal fully from the biopsy. So I'll probably be having surgery in late January. Whee! Oh and J came to the dr with me today, to be an extra brain to ask questions and process this with me. Which is yet another example of his total awesomeness.

- The director is sick, he has a major sore throat. The musical director's (for our not a musical) child has H1N1. Various cast members have colds and at least one has the flu. All of this to make tech this week even more fun. I wonder when it's my turn to get sick?

- I also saw my chiropracter today, who was wondering what I did to my neck. Ah shows with too much paperwork.

- I'm really unprepared to be back at Klutz in a week.

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