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bits (the cranky edition)
- It took 11 hours to tech Act I. We officially have 8 hours of tech left before we are supposed to do a full runthru.

- There were things that were 'fixed' after tech last night which lost us the light board for an hour before rehearsal today and meant we spent 20 minutes re-fixing a shift that had been fine when we left last night.

- I called us back from a break at one point today to have half the cast ignore me, and the director too. (I say ignore because the cast that did come back to stage were in the same room.)

- The director cannot make a decision that he is willing to stick with through this tech process.

- The muffler has disconnected from the exhaust pipe on my car so it is very, very loud. I have an appointment at a Midas on Monday to bring it in.

- Monday is also my first day at Klutz, and with the car I'll have to get up even earlier so I have time to drop it off and then walk the 1.2 miles to Klutz to start the day.

- I do not have alcohol.

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*passes the wine bottle*


*begins to chug*

Wow you're starting Klutz Monday after a weekend like this and have no alcohol? You are totally the winner of this week's Pity Party. I say it's time to stop letting the director make decisions and just make them for him - everyone will thank you later. :)

Yeah - I understand that I did this to myself (the klutz part at least) but gah. I haven't had a tech go this slowly in a while.

I try to make decisions when I can, but he has strong opinions some times and doesn't care at others. And just when we verify what's happening next he thinks for a second and gets on the god mic to change his mind. It's been particularly special.

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