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monday in review

- We have not finished the show. We did stop Sunday night to run everything that was done, which was a good thing to do. We're currently on page 88 of 113 and have 3.5 hours of tech left on Tuesday afternoon before we have an audience. I think we'll finish, barely.

- Today was my first day at Klutz. It did what I hoped, took my mind of theatre completely. We'll see how the lack of sleep goes, but it's nice to be back.

- Though after walking 2.5 miles to and from the auto shop and standing on my feet for eight hours today, I hurt. That was a lot after being mostly sedentary for the last month. Tomorrow will be interesting.

- The car is repaired. It was more than I had hoped, so it is good that I am back at Klutz. Suddenly that money is seeming a little less like extra, and more necessary.

- I got to be social for a while tonight, with some people I don't get to see very often. It was nice.

- I have a few things to do tonight: pay bills, get my nephew's birthday present ready to mail, and then I'm going to collapse.
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