Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,


- We finished teching the show yesterday with nine minutes to spare. The director then quickly staged parts 1, 8, & 9 of curtain call (really) and we called it good.

- The run last night went better than it had any right to, though we had a few moments of waiting in silence because an actor got stuck in a change, or was coming onstage still putting things on.

- The work list the director has is epic, and we don't have all that much time left. Fifteen hours of work notes, only three with full crew, and another four if he wants to work the afternoon of opening (dear god please no).

- I arrived at Klutz at 8:30am. I left the theatre at 12:15am. Officially I had two hours of break in there, though part of that time was spent driving from one place to the other. I'm really glad that there are only three days like this.

- J made me a sandwich for lunch yesterday. It was a very yummy sandwich, and awesome that I didn't have to worry about lunch. I kind of asked if he'd do it again after thanking him by text yesterday, and arrived home last night to find him making me a sandwich for today. It's tangible love, yo.

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