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bits end of the week
- The show is open. No one is dead. I, personally, am not very fond of it, but our audiences seem to be enjoying themselves. I will be very curious to see the reviews.

- I took a bye this week in LJ Idol. Between starting Klutz and previews for this show there was no way I had the focus for anything else. I'm a little bummed though, I got through all of last season without ever taking a bye and had been hoping to do that again.

- My brother sent me a toys r us link for something the kids really want, that I could just buy online and be done. And it's backordered. *shakes fist* I really wanted this one thing to be easy.

- I think the operative word for December is going to be tired. Or maybe cold. (and I'm in CA so that is lame.)

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Yay to no killing! Good job

Maybe the toy would be at another toy store? Is there an independent toy store near where they live? If so you could call them and see if they would accept a credit card payment and offer delivery or pick up by your brother. Is this for the twins?

My brother thought it was only online, because no stores in WI have it. It turns out that stores in CA do, or at least they've had half so far. I'm going to a different Toys R Us tomorrow to hopefully find the other half (the figures to go with the van) and if not I can probably order them from somewhere else online. This is for the older kids, 6.5 and 4. They're the ones who are hyper aware of Christmas, the twins not so much yet.

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