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- If anyone noticed tremors in the northern CA area yesterday that was the crew's happy dance at learning the prop master had been asked to resign. Christmas came early.

- I am struggling with this week's LJ Idol topic "one touch".

- It doesn't help that I am averaging about six hours of sleep a night for the last week or so. Since the surgery this summer I had been uber-careful to get at least eight hours a night. It's good to know I can still function on six if I need to, but it is way less pleasant than I remember.

- The show isn't extending! I feel bad for the folks who could have used another week of income, but this means that I can go to CO with J for New Years and actually meet the rest of his family.

- I'm still working on gifts for my nieces and nephews - I have tracked one item down at a local store, and am visiting another location tomorrow. And a few of the crew guys had a brilliant idea for the twins - plush viruses. How much fun will it be in ten years to look at the kids and say "I gave you chickenpox for your first Christmas"?

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...the prop master had been asked to resign.

!!! Effective immediately or are they holding onto her for the duration of the season?

Wowza...never thought I'd see the day. Congrats, TW, on kinda growing a pair!

Effective immediately - I believe she was out of the office with her keys handed in by the end of Tuesday.

They've hired a replacement who filled in for her on 'The Chosen' who I loved. I am so excited that this finally happened.

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