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only good things
Today was kind of a shit day. So I'm posting only good things.

- The poll is up for LJ Idol. It's here: community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/280542.html I'm in the last tribe on the page named "Pixie117 Current" - a nod to our tribal leader and the last pick a topic posts.

- I got my gift in the exchange we're doing at the theatre today. It is a DVD of Zombie Strippers. The tag line is "They'll dance for a fee, but devour you for free". Whee!

- I went to the comic book store today. Comics always make me happy.

- We opened a good bottle of wine last night, and there's some left for me to be drinking tonight.

- I had cuddle time with J this morning.

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What did you get at the comic book store?

I picked up my sub which had: the Unwritten, Jack of Fables, Hack/slash. The Boys, and Hellblazer in it. I also grabbed the latest Cinderella, issue #1 of Dr. Horrible, and the collected Herogasm (a spin off from the boys).

How are you liking The Unwritten? It seemed interesting, but it also seemed like a comic I couldn't coherently follow just reading issues off the stands. I might check it out in trade. Is Cinderella any good? I did enjoy her spy shenanigans in Fables (which I am also discovering is kind of hard to follow reading off the stands). The DH one-off is nice.

I am really enjoying The Unwritten though I think you're right, it might be slightly easier to follow in trade format. It's raising interesting philosophical questions about writing and reading which are cool.

I haven't actually read either of the Cinderella's yet. My reading time is down drastically lately so that's one I've invested two issues on hope and we'll see. I'm behind on a lot of things and I have to figure out if that means I should stop reading some of them.

Hooray for good things!!

I wouldn't have pegged you for a comics person. Huh! Coolness.

Heh, well my eight short boxes and one long box of comics can prove you wrong. I really need to go through them some time soon and figure out what I might re-read and what I can get rid of.

"Be a warrior. Be a soldier. Be fearless."

Wise words from Jenna Jameson.

That quote is awesome. And who it comes from just makes it better.

Ha! J and I have been watching bunches of zombie movies lately. If I didn't already have his Christmas present, I would totally get him Zombie Strippers.

And yay for cuddle time and good wine!!

I'm trying very hard to focus on good things these days.

Yeah, I'm trying to stay happy as much as I can when I'm not just flat-out exhausted. Once I watch the movie I'll have to post a review.

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