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- I have a cold.  I could feel it starting on Sunday, and by yesterday it was full blown nasty.  I stood in line at the pharmacy this morning and handed over my license to get real drugs so hopefully today will be better.

- I bailed out of the three hours I was supposed to be at Klutz this morning (with permission) which means there are no more days I have to work both places.  Today, Saturday, and Sunday are two show days at the theatre, and I'm at Klutz for tomorrow the 24th, and next Monday-Wednesday.  Then I'm done with this insanity having learned that I am too old for this shit.

- Our tribe for LJ Idol has immunity this week (no one can be voted out) so I didn't post the link.  It's nice to have one less (however silly) stress in my life this week.

- I'll be online all day today to keep myself awake during the shows, but probably disappearing shortly thereafter.  So I wish you a very merry Christmas (or other holiday of your choice) everyone on my flist.  I hope this week brings you happiness.

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I don't know where "online" is for you, but if you do google chat I'm on pretty much ALL the time (robinjsam) if you're ever looking for someone to talk to!

I'm on AIM not google chat, though I've considered switching over. However, live chatting during the show is usually badness, I try to do things that are less interactive so I can't accidentally get sucked away and leave the cast in the dark.

Google lets you open AIM in their chat box, so you wouldn't have to actually switch- you could use both together. That's what I do. And as of tonight I'm using it to "text" too. I love Google.

This is a dangerous thing to know. I may have to experiment some day when I'm not at work.

I'm glad to be a bad influence.;)

Feel better soon!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

do you want to do a movie sometime after the show and your craziness are over? Let me know what january looks like for you.

happy giftmas to you.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope you're feeling better!

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