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- Colorado was lots of fun.  We mostly just did the visit family thing, and I really like all of J's siblings.

- It is nice to be at home and have time off.  Of course, the number of things that I have put off waiting for free time over the last five months have now all jumped up and attacked me.  My to do list is beyond long, and includes things like maybe putting art up on the walls of the apartment we've lived in for 6 months.

- I am once again pursuing my goal of seeing as many movies (nominated for Oscar's) as possible.  Of course the Oscar nominations haven't come out yet - but the Golden Globes and SAG award noms are usually a good guide, so that's where I started.

- In that spirit I've seen seven movies in the theatre this week, all but one at matinee prices.  Ah, unemployment.  The list is:  Nine, A Single Man, The Young Victoria, It's Complicated, Sherlock Holmes, Precious, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.  My favorite of them is A Single Man, but you certainly have to be willing to be depressed for a bit to see it.

- We got home last Tuesday evening, and we leave Thursday morning for WI.  Yay for the crazy travel schedule and lots of family.  I am very excited to finally meet the twins!

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Already? Wow. It felt a little silly to be sending holiday cards in January, but I figured why not?

Fun! I'm glad you like J's siblings, those are some important people to get along with :)

I suck at decorating places I live. We bought some paintings a few months ago and still haven't hung them up.

And hooray for movies!! I'm kind of wishing for unemployment right now (except not really, because then I'd have to work on finding a job)

Yeah, I'm grateful that they are all cool people.

My bouts of unemployment are strange, since I know when I'm going back on contract so there's not tons of stress to them. I wonder how I'll do someday if I get a normal job: weekends yay, but not occasionally having a few weeks off throughout the year might make me incredibly sad.

Hey, what did you think of Nine? When(if) you have some time, you should come by and visit us - I'm basically unemployed for the next 2 months so give me a shout.

Nine was okay, I think if I didn't have fond memories of our college production it would have been rougher. And they cut Bells of St. Sebastian's which made me sad. I should have some time to visit in early February, once I'm back in CA and have a better handle on my schedule I'll let you know.

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