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- I am safely in WI.  Our second flight here got delayed, but not too late.  It's good to be home, I haven't made it to WI since last March and a lot has happened since then.

- On the first flight yesterday they were showing a movie I actually wanted to see (The Informant!).  It's one of the movies that is on my list but not in theatres anymore and has no release date on DVD.  Of course, I got on the plane and almost immediately fell asleep so I didn't realize that was the movie until I woke up and it was more than half over. 

- Tonight the whole family will be in my parent's house for the first time in at least five years.  The last time this happened there was only one niece in the mix, now there are four nieces and nephews.  I am really excited to finally meet the twins.

- I will not be checking here this weekend, with four kids running around I don't think I'll have much time to sit at the computer.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and enjoy the three days off if you have them.
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