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I made it back from WI. The trip home was a lot of fun. In no particular order:
-Mom and Dad cooked several of my favorite meals (weight loss plans will activate shortly).
-I got to attend the family Christmas for Mom's side of the family - only one cousin and one aunt and uncle weren't there. I haven't seen some of those cousins in years and years, and had never met some of their kids. It was fun.
-J was in our family picture (as he should be).
-I finally got to meet the twins, who are adorable. And the older kids are still fun too. (I can't imagine how my brother and sister-in-law do it, the house was hectic with six adults and four kids and they're usually only two people. Guh.)
-Mom and my cousin who just started college and I went out to lunch and shopping, which was a lovely afternoon.
-Dad got me a gift that wasn't supposed to be for any holiday, but just a present from a Father to a Daughter. I'll have to talk more about that later, it was incredibly sweet.
-Dad especially and Mom a little were more clingy this time, I think my having been sick last summer affected them more than either of them want to say. Which makes sense, it's just strange because living through it everything has been a logical progression, and they hadn't seen my since March.


It is wet here. I enjoy the rain, and last night there was even thunder and lightning. Luckily I don't have many places to be since the best place to enjoy a rain storm is inside.


I have a doctor's appt this afternoon, it's the check up before the surgery on Monday (this is to remove the intraductal papilloma from my breast). I alternate between being a little nervous about this, and feeling like it's no big deal.  I still need to put together my list of questions, though I think I can use the list from the last surgeries as a good starting point.


There's new Supernatural and Burn Notice tonight!  And I'm planning to take myself to see The Princess and the Frog as long as my appointment ends in time.  Yay for moving pictures to put into my brain.
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