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- The surgery today went fine.  It was 2.5 hours from the time I walked in the door to check in to the time I left.  Having only a local means they don't need to keep you under observation for nearly as long.  It was a little strange to be awake and able to chat with the doctor who was inside my body while he was doing it (he commented when he found the marker that had been left after the needle biopsy) but everyone in the room was really nice.  And they did have a curtain thingy up in front of my face so I couldn't see anything.  The only thing I could even remotely feel was the stitches at the end.  In fact, right now the IV spot (on the side of my left wrist  just below my thumb - weird) hurts more than my breast.  Or that could be the vicodin.  Now it's just waiting for the results of the biopsy.

- The nurse who did my admitting and leaving paperwork had also had a full thyroidectomy for cancer nearly 20 years ago  - we compared scares and hormone dosages.

- I admit to some schadenfreude watching Brett Farve throw an interception at the end of the NFC championship game yesterday.  It's not very nice, and I do still really like him as a player, but watching him in that purple just makes me nasty.  Had he still been with the Jets I would have cheered for him all the way.  I also like this Saints team and really wanted them to make it, so I wasn't only cheering negatively.

- I have two more weeks before I'm back on contract at the theatre.  I'm planning to still take this week off, and then I'll start back to some stuff next week so I can ease in.

- It's still more grey here than not, and raining occasionally.  I like it.

- To add to the list that is the awesomeness of J - he offered to sleep on the couch tonight so there would be no chance he could bump me.  It shouldn't be necessary, but was sweet.

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I didn't realize the surgery was today. I'm gald it went well. I hope things are good and restful for you.

I was surprised it went so quickly, which was lovely. So far, so good.

so glad it went well!!! congrats and take it easy

Thanks. My today is filled with much sitting around.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! The wait for the results this time is a lot less angsty because whatever happens I'll have heard it before. I'm not sure that should be comforting, but it is.

I'm so glad everything went well! Fingers crossed for the results.

Thank you so much! Hopefully we'll have the results before the weekend.

That's great that everything went so quickly and well. I'll keep good thoughts that you get awesome results.

I really want to clone J too.

Yeah, it was kind of astounding how fast it was. Thanks for the good thougts.

If you come up with a machine, I can get you some hair or something for the cloning. heh.

That IV location they used is fondly nicknamed the "internist vein." The little pocket that forms when you push your thumb out is an easy in...mostly used for ambulatory surgeries or patients with hard-to-find veins.

Glad to hear that it went well!

Huh, well I had an ambulatory surgery and my veins can be epically hard to find, so I fit all the parameters. I had just never seen an IV there before.

Yeah, it was quick and easy, which is awesome.

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