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getting dressed is difficult

I am not wearing a bra today.  The large surgical pad on my right breast would make that difficult in any case, and I don't want to get the industrial strength iodine goop still on my skin on any more clothes than I have to.  But I am planning to leave my apartment.  Thus the hunt for clothes to wear.

I started with a base layer of an undershirt.  It is v-necked and white, so it is visible under most of my shirts which looks a little odd but not crazy.  Whatever I wear has to be heavy enough to help shield the left breast which has only the t-shirt, and ideally help disguise the square pad on the right.  But this is CA and it's not parka weather today so I was trying to avoid too many layers.

After a few tries I'm wearing the undershirt with a lightweight sweater.  The necklines are different so it looks like I'm being very proper.   I do look unbalanced though, and I don't think I own anything bulky enough to hide that.  I guess today is when I find out how many people take the time to notice my boobs.
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