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getting dressed is difficult
I am not wearing a bra today.  The large surgical pad on my right breast would make that difficult in any case, and I don't want to get the industrial strength iodine goop still on my skin on any more clothes than I have to.  But I am planning to leave my apartment.  Thus the hunt for clothes to wear.

I started with a base layer of an undershirt.  It is v-necked and white, so it is visible under most of my shirts which looks a little odd but not crazy.  Whatever I wear has to be heavy enough to help shield the left breast which has only the t-shirt, and ideally help disguise the square pad on the right.  But this is CA and it's not parka weather today so I was trying to avoid too many layers.

After a few tries I'm wearing the undershirt with a lightweight sweater.  The necklines are different so it looks like I'm being very proper.   I do look unbalanced though, and I don't think I own anything bulky enough to hide that.  I guess today is when I find out how many people take the time to notice my boobs.

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Everyone notices boobs. Always. Even straight chicks like boobs. You should have an interesting day!

Ha! I am probably more aware of the uncovered boob, but the other one being square is probably what other folks will notice. I'll have to report back.

a vest is your friend.

preferably a puffy one. ;)

Very smart. I do not own any puffy vests but I do own a fleece one. That may have enough heft to hide the imbalance.

Everyone notices boobs. Always. Even straight chicks like boobs. You should have an interesting day!

HEE! So true. I also second the vest since I disagree that this is not parka weather. Personally, I am wearing thermals, a sweater and my North Face jacket. (Unless it's just crappy weather in South Bay? LOL.)

Definitely report back ;)

Another layer certainly helps - when I took a walk just adding a jacket was enough to hide. But my dinner out got cancelled (my friend was busier than he hoped) so I won't have to put my look to a more public test.

Ha on the comments. See, I have this new idea that nobody notices anything but just think other people do...I hope it is just the messiness and you're not in pain.

Yeah, I do think we frequently walk around so concerned about ourselves that we never really notice each other. The surgical tape is seriously itchy, and it's a little sore but I'm down to just taking ibuprofen instead of the heavier stuff.

"Everyone notices boobs. Always. Even straight chicks like boobs. You should have an interesting day!"

Yes! Boobies! I would knit you a new one if you needed it.

i don't need it but i won't turn down a knitted boobie. that would so rule as a throw pillow.

I've never seen a pattern for a knitted boob, though I have seen a knit uterus before. That would also be a fun conversation piece.

When I still had the bandage on I didn't so much need a knit boobie as a one sided bikini top to cover the other side. No with the bandage off at least I'm even, if still braless.

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