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-  It was sunny with blue skies when I woke up this morning.  That hasn't happened in ages.

- J's former roommate arrived today, he's crashing with us for between one and two weeks while he designs a show.  I think I got everything that could be embarrassing put away.

- My post for this week's LJ Idol is up.  We're working with partners, and I'll be curious to see exactly how this plays out.  I wonder if the voting will still be by individual and then combined, or if we'll be voted on as a team.  It was intriguing watching the remaining players, who are mostly adults, go into classic gym class "please don't me be the last one picked" mode when this twist was announced.

- I slept funny on Tuesday night and pulled something in my back.  It's better today but still sore.  Heat helps it, and ice is best for the soreness in my breast.  So I'm going to go lay flat on my back on a heating pad, with an ice pack on my chest.  Getting old is silly.
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There seem to be a lot of Idolers who were that "last picked in gym class" and carry all kinds of scars of being the weirdo nerd kid in school. I'm willing to bet the voting is individual, since Gary said a couple of different times "combined votes". But I've been wrong before.

It kind of makes sense that the folks who would spend a lot of time online and be drawn to a writing competition would be the same group that were nerds in school. I'm kind of hoping the voting is individual, but I think I'm going to take note as I read differently this time just in case that's not how it goes. I think in the past he's done both.

Lying on your back with heat on one side and ice on the other sounds funny.

How much collaboration did you have with your partner? I'm finding it harder to read the entries this time, as I want to read both pieces together, and I also want to read stuff as it's posted. Different aspects of those desires win out on different days.

We talked back and forth a bit, Shadow already had ideas for what she wanted to write and did two different versions. I kind of let that inspire me, and ours tie in just a little. We did talk back and forth with some notes.

Yeah I think I have to read differently this time too, I haven't started yet. I usually don't read until I've got mine written. I'm trying to figure out how much I want to weight the partner thing, because really I think they still need to each stand on their own. Personally I'm hoping that the partner thing doesn't last for long, but we'll see.

I'm finding that I am responding more positively when I can see how the entries relate. I've read a few so far, where it doesn't appear as if the partners talked at all (yours does not fall into this catagory). I agree that the enteries do have to stand on their own as well.

I was assuming the partner thing would only last a week... I suppose I shouldn't do that. Ha.

Feeling better today?

I am feeling better, thank you.

Finally I was able to spend some time reading for Idol. It's interesting, I'm really enjoying the entries that have some relation to their partners, even if it's just in tone. There are a few that have been so disparate as to make me want to grade down both sides, it's disconcerting to go from one to the other. It does make for interesting reading, especially when one half doesn't have their's posted yet.

I think aging gracefully has gone out the window for most people :) And I hate injuring myself while sleeping, that really makes me feel old! But I do it more often than I'd like to admit.

Houseguests always make me nervous, I think I take it for granted that no one looks through my stuff. I'm sure I have a few embarrassing things sitting out

Exactly, I hate waking up hurting, it just seems ridiculous.

This is a little different, since he was J's roommate I spent a lot of time at their place. It still just changes the rhythm of life a little.

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