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-  It was sunny with blue skies when I woke up this morning.  That hasn't happened in ages.

- J's former roommate arrived today, he's crashing with us for between one and two weeks while he designs a show.  I think I got everything that could be embarrassing put away.

- My post for this week's LJ Idol is up.  We're working with partners, and I'll be curious to see exactly how this plays out.  I wonder if the voting will still be by individual and then combined, or if we'll be voted on as a team.  It was intriguing watching the remaining players, who are mostly adults, go into classic gym class "please don't me be the last one picked" mode when this twist was announced.

- I slept funny on Tuesday night and pulled something in my back.  It's better today but still sore.  Heat helps it, and ice is best for the soreness in my breast.  So I'm going to go lay flat on my back on a heating pad, with an ice pack on my chest.  Getting old is silly.
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