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Apparently I'm right handed and left breasted... least for now.  Everything seems to be healing nicely.  The bright red areas where the tape was are finally gone, and I haven't been too sore.  I accidentally popped the small blister scratching at it, and have been keeping it covered with a bandaid.  I'm even wearing a bra today for the first time in nearly a week.  The thing that has me nervous is that I'm numb(ish) above the incision site.  The same thing happened with my thyroid, so it's not unprecedented.  It's just that this time that area includes my nipple.  

It's not entirely numb, but way less sensitive than usual, to touch as well as cold.  It's strange to look at myself in a t-shirt and realize that only one side is poking out (hence the comment I used for the subject of this entry) even though I'm cold all over.  I expect that it could take several weeks for everything to be regular again.  In the meantime I'll think good thoughts.  Oh and for those keeping track my followup appointment is on Tuesday, and I should hear about the biopsy results then.  I'm mostly unconcerned, but don't want to tempt fate by saying that too loudly.   

-  My parents got me a lovely, lightweight merino wool sweater for Christmas.  I've worn it once, and washed it once (I would usually let wool go a few wearings before washing, but I didn't want to immortalize my niece's spit up).  And now it has a hole.  It's about the diameter of a pencil, and it's on the front, though luckily off to the side a bit so it's not immediately noticable.  Does anyone have suggestions about how to fix it - mostly I don't want the hole getting any bigger.  I could put a funky patch on it, though that would change the garment to being much less dressy.  I'm just bummed, the sweater was a great weight for here in CA.

-  Voting is up for LJ Idol here.  We're all in one giant tribe again - though our scores will be added to our partners for our final total, with the two lowest scoring pairings going home.  I would appreciate your vote for both myself and my lovely partner shadowwolf13 .  And while you're over there you should read as much as you can.  There are some neat entries this week, especially with the added fun (stress?) of writing with a partner.  I am debating doing a recommendation list, since there are a few that stood out for me. 

-  This weekend has been quiet so far, which I am enjoying.  I have to keep reminding myself that I go back on contract in just over a week, which means there are a few things that need to get done sooner rather than later.  But the calm has been nice.
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